Notification View

To access the notification screen effortlessly.

<a href="w2n://notification-screen">Open Notification Screen</a>

We offer several query parameters to tailor this screen to your preferences:

  • “title” : Defaults to "Notifications"

  • "titleBarContentColor": Specifies the color for the title text and back icon button, with the default set to #111111.

  • "titleBarBgColor": Sets the background color of the title bar, with the default being #FFFFFF

You can include these options as query parameters in the link, like so:


The URL mentioned above can be utilised within an anchor tag or any URL field in WebToNative. For instance, you can incorporate this URL in the floating action button URL or bottom navigation item URL.

Note : For iOS, notifications that are clicked will only be retained and will be displayed in this Notification Screen.

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