Device Info

Get Device Info

You'll need to import the javascript file in your website before starting from this .

To Get device info call following function.


//value for Android 
    appId: "com.webtonative.myapp"
    appVersion: "1"
    appVersionCode: 1
    hardware: "OnePlus/OnePlus3/OnePlus3T:9/PKQ1.***203.001/****042108:user/release-keys"
    installationId: "d29c4372-****-427b-bbc2-******d549da"
    installationType: "debug"
    language: "en"
    model: "OnePlus ONEPLUS A3003"
    operator: "Jio 4G"
    os: "Android"
    osVersion: "9"
    platform: "android"
    timeZone: "Asia/Kolkata"

//value for iOS 
    appId: "",
    appVersion: "1",
    appVersionCode: "1.1",
    installationId: "C6A*****-D*69-4**E-8**2-76*****B8B2C",
    language: "en",
    model: "Testing iPhone",
    os: "iOS",
    osVersion: "15.1",
    platform: "ios",
    timeZone: "Asia/Kolkata"

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