Barcode Scan

You'll need to import the javascript file in your website before starting from this .
const { Format, BarcodeScan } = WTN.Barcode;
  formats: Format.QR_CODE, // optional
  onBarcodeSearch: (value) => {

BarcodeScan: Call BarcodeScan to scan barcode from native apps.

  • formats: This is optional parameter is you don't pass it, it will try to scan all the available barcode formats listed below.

  • onBarcodeSearch: This callback function will be called when it successfully scans barcode.

Format Types

Following is the list of all the supported format types

  1. Format.ALL_FORMATS

  2. Format.QR_CODE

  3. Format.UNKNOWN

  4. Format.CODE_128

  5. Format.CODE_39

  6. Format.CODE_93

  7. Format.CODABAR

  8. Format.EAN_13

  9. Format.EAN_8

  10. Format.ITF

  11. Format.UPC_A

  12. Format.PDF417

  13. Format.AZTEC

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